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History of Tony Brown Design
In the early 90's, an imaginative eyewear enthusiast began sketching visionary designs, foreseeing the potential for a unique and innovative eyewear style. Undeterred by initial challenges, he persisted in refining his designs, sketching and conceptualizing frames that pushed the boundaries of conventional eyewear aesthetics. As decades unfolded, his passion endured, evolving alongside fashion trends and technological advancements. With each sketch, he fused artistry and functionality, crafting a distinctive style that resonated with his vision. Through meticulous dedication, he transformed his dreams into reality, establishing his own eyewear line.
Over a 30-year period, Tony Brown creations have become synonymous with sophistication and individuality, captivating  fashion enthusiasts globally.  His journey stands as a testament to the power of unwavering vision and creative persistence in shaping the world of eyewear design.
The first model in the collection affectionately known as, “Dream” is the very first eyewear design and original sketch from the 90's.